Fractional Laser

Dr. Ptak often recommends Fractional Laser to improve the overall look of the skin, it is a technique that encourages the skin to restore and rejuvenate itself through a natural healing process that occurs when the outer layers of skin are removed by intense bursts of carefully calibrated laser light. The procedure can virtually eliminate fine wrinkles, greatly reduce deeper wrinkles, repair acne scarring and sun damage, eliminate age spots, sun spots and skin discoloration. Fractional Laser treatment results in healthier, younger and more even-toned skin.

Who is a Candidate?

Those with visible imperfections in the outer layer of the skin can benefit from Fractional Laser Treatments. It is ideal for treatment of acne scars, age spots, mild discoloration and fine lines.


The skin is first cleansed and a solution is applied to the treatment area. Topical anesthesia may be applied as per doctor’s recommendations. The laser light is then passed over the skin in a series of horizontal and vertical lines, until mild redness appears. The skin is washed. The procedure takes only about twenty to twenty-five minutes, and patients can return to work immediately, wearing make-up to camouflage the slight redness that is a result of the procedure. Over the next several days the underlying areas of skin that have been stimulated by the treatment create a burst of new growth and the outer layers naturally exfoliate. For best results three to five treatments are usually recommended at about one week intervals.


There may be some slight redness or swelling in the first week following treatment, but generally there are no other affects associated with Fractional Laser Treatment. Patients should avoid the sun for the first two to three days, and be cautious in the outdoors for two or three weeks afterward, to give their new rejuvenated skin the best start in life.