Facial Implants procedures by Dr. Jeffrey Ptak, M.D., certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ, serving Maricopa County and Phoenix, Arizona areas.

Facial Implants

Dr. Ptak now rarely uses traditional cheek, chin, and jaw implants, preferring to use injectable permanent, semi permanent, and absorbable fillers to truly sculpt the face three-dimensionally. Although these traditional implants still are appropriate in limited situations, changing the facial shape needs to be done with extreme art form consideration, scientific knowledge of the anatomy, and above all safety for the patient. The obvious advantages of injectable fillers is the ability in real time for the patient to participate in a slow and gradual change over time, keeping the changes subtle yet very meaningful, creating remarkable positive changes in balance, proportion, self-image, and self-esteem. The implants firmly adhere to the bone and truly become a "part of you," producing often subtle but remarkable changes in balance and proportion, self-image, and self-esteem.

Who is a Candidate?

Cheek implant, chin implant and jaw implant surgery photosThe best candidate is anyone who desires or has a need for a more prominent chin, jawline, or cheek contour, due to reduced tissue in the area as an inherited characteristic or as a result of aging. It is also beneficial for people who have facial asymmetry.

Procedure Information

Cheek implant, chin implant and jaw implant surgery photosThe procedure usually takes 1-2 hours and is done on an outpatient basis under attended local or general anesthesia. The incision for the chin implant is made in the mouth (along the lower lip) or in the skin just under the chin area.The incision for the cheek surgery is made either inside your upper lip or your lower eyelid. A pocket is then formed and an implant is inserted. The incision for a jaw implant is made on either side of the lower lip to provide access for creating a pocket into which the lower-jaw implant can be inserted. Dissolving sutures are used to close the incisions.

Postoperative Healing

Cheek implant, chin implant and jaw implant surgery photosThere are usually no dressings. Initial swelling is usually moderate and gradually disappears over a month or two. Discomfort is mild to moderate and is controlled with oral medications. Sutures in the mouth dissolve and do not need to be removed. Sutures under the eyelid are removed in 4-5 days.

Other Options

Additional procedures that would enhance the result are other facial cosmetic procedures such as: