C02 Laser procedures by Dr. Jeffrey Ptak, M.D., certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ, serving Maricopa County and Phoenix, Arizona areas.

CO2 Laser

We are all born with smooth, baby-soft skin. Throughout the years none of us can escape the environmental damage we are exposed to, some more than others. Think about the sun exposure, air pollution, smoking, alcohol use and improper diet. All of these factors contribute to free radicals that attack our once healthy skin cells. This damage to our skin leads to a significant acceleration of the natural aging process. These hazards, combined with time, heredity and gravity will create fine lines and wrinkles and thinning of the collagen and support layers of the skin, especially around the mouth and eyes. Other surface imperfections, such as moles, warts, superficial skin cancers and actinic keratosis may also develop over time to mar the skin.

We are now able to remove surface imperfections and dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles with a new procedure called laser skin resurfacing. Using the CO2 Laser, we can gently remove sun damaged, aging skin, layer by layer, helping to protect and stimulate the regeneration of the deeper, healthy skin.

Unlike dermabrasion, the CO2 laser uses a very high energy beam of light to vaporize or "paint away" scars, lines, wrinkles and other skin defects. Laser skin resurfacing is bloodless, and can usually be performed in the office with oral sedation thus eliminating the costs of hospitalization or anesthesia.

After CO2 Laser resurfacing you should have improvement of your wrinkles or scars. Fine to medium depth wrinkles are often eliminated. Deeper wrinkles can be softened.

We invite you to inquire about CO2 Laser skin resurfacing, and how it can help to give you smoother, fresher, younger looking skin.