Stem Cell Neck Rejuvenation

When one thinks of youthful beauty, a smooth, contoured face and slender, long neck may come to mind first. The neck is an important part of the body for a comprehensive youthful appearance. With age though, the skin of the neck can quickly begin to sag, causing jowling and textural changes. Stem cell neck rejuvenation with Dr. Ptak is offered for men and women at our Scottsdale, Arizona location to fight these signs of aging and regain the youthful appearance.

The advanced treatment provides tighter and smoother contour without the need for surgery.

What is Stem Cell Neck Rejuvenation?

To start, neck rejuvenation is the process of enhancing the appearance and quality of the skin of the neck by surgical or non-surgical means. Dr. Jeffrey Ptak is up to date on the most advanced surgical and non-surgical skin revitalization techniques, one of his specialties being the use of stem cells for neck revitalization and rejuvenation purposes. Dr. Ptak has begun combining microneedling with the application of stem cells and amniotic fluid on the microchannels created on the skin of the neck to create youthful firmness.

In order to understand how stem cell neck rejuvenation works, one must understand what stem cells are and what their purpose is.

What Are Stem Cells and Why Are They Beneficial?

Stem cells are tiny unspecialized cells found almost everywhere in the body. They can be found in blood vessels, bone marrow, muscles, skin, and best of all, adipose tissue. Adipose tissue, or fat, is home to unspecialized adult stem cells. Unspecialized refers to the stem cell’s ability to transform into any type of tissue they come in contact with. So by introducing stem cells into the microchannels created on the neck from microneedling, the stem cells can form as the base protein of all tissue, collagen. Collagen, made up of individual amino acids, is what gives skin its elasticity and helps ‘hold things in place’ such as fat. Stem cells, therefore, improve skin laxity and diminish the appearance of localized fat deposits. Amniotic fluid also gives home to pluripotent stem cells which can be used as well. These are just some of the reasons why stem cells are so beneficial, not even mentioning their ability to repair joints, bones, and diseases. But adipose-derived stem cells for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement.

How to Retrieve Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Adipose-derived stem cells are harvested from the SVF, or stromal vascular fraction layer of fat. This is easy to attain by Dr. Ptak with a special cell assisted liposuction technique. Once the fat has been retrieved, it is placed in a centrifuge which spins the fat graft at rapid velocity to separate the stem cells from the unwanted material. The stem cells are then ready for application on the skin of the neck that just underwent microneedling. This treatment can be paired well with a fat transfer procedure because there is already access to a viable fat graft from the patient. Injections can be placed in the breasts, buttocks, face, or hands.

Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Neck Rejuvenation?

Candidates for stem cell neck rejuvenation are men and women in good health who want to improve the appearance and laxity of their neck without undergoing surgery. The treatment can be performed for people of almost any age, but the typical age range of those seeking this treatment is 40 to 60 years old. It is important for potential patients to understand the capabilities and limitations of this treatment. Stem cell neck rejuvenation will provide a more enhanced neck aesthetic, but it cannot accomplish the same results as that of a surgical neck lift. It is possible to receive both treatments though, they may have to be performed on different dates, however, to allow for proper healing and optimal results.

Procedure Steps

Stem cell neck rejuvenation starts with a special cell assisted liposuction session to retrieve a viable fat graft. Once the fat graft has been through the centrifugation system, the stem cells are retrieved from the SVF layer and are

properly set aside for use after microneedling.The neck skin is then thoroughly cleaned and a numbing agent can be applied if desired, although it is not required. A microneedling session with DermaPen is then performed on the neck. DermaPen is a very important step of the treatment because it provides the channels for the stem cells and amniotic fluid to be absorbed. Tiny medical grade needles grouped together mechanically move up and down on the skin to the perfect depth. The needles can be adjusted to reach different depths as well for softer or more rigorous treatment. Dr. Ptak makes sure to cover each area of the neck evenly to ensure uniform results with the sterile, single-use cartridge. The microneedling session on its own can provide great rejuvenation results because the microchannels it creates initiate the patient’s autonomic healing response and initiates collagen production. So with the introduction of the stem cells and amniotic fluid, the collagen production skyrockets. The stem cells also aid in quick healing of the microchannels for little to no downtime after treatment. Microneedling can also address pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and scars.

Recovery and Results

Patients can return to their normal routine after treatment. The neck may look slightly red but it can be concealed with mineral makeup. The neck should remain unwashed for at least 5 hours. Moisturizers, serums, and sunscreen may be recommended or provided for after treatment use while the skin recovers. Noticeable results can be enjoyed in just a couple of days! It is normal for the skin to slightly flake before then, but that is just the process of healthier, rejuvenated skin making way. Collagen production will increase and new skin cells will form, lifting, firming, and smoothing the neck for a much more youthful appearance.

Alternative and Additional Procedures

Stem cell neck rejuvenation is the type of treatment that can provide beautifully smooth and tightened results on its own. Dr. Ptak does, however, offer several other treatments for neck revitalization that can be performed at the same time as stem cell neck rejuvenation, or alternatively if Dr. Ptak finds a better-suited option for the individual. This will be determined at the time of the initial consultation after the physical examination.

Botox for Neck

Botox isn’t just useful for the face. Botox can be used on the neck to address neck bands and wrinkles by temporarily tightening and firming the neck skin. This is done by neurotoxins interrupting nerve and muscle signals so the muscles do not contract. Again, this is a temporary treatment so routine neck Botox injections are needed for lasting results. This can be done in conjunction with stem cell neck rejuvenation as well.

ThermiTight for Neck

Non-surgical ThermiTight is a treatment of the ThermiRF radio frequency system. ThermiTight uses a small probe addition to place right underneath the skin in order to tighten the skin of the neck. By placing the device under the skin it can reach the subcutaneous tissue and underlying structure and treat the connective fibers. ThermiTight is specially designed for use on the neck and results can be seen in just one treatment. ThermiSmooth is another treatment of the ThermiRF system which is used for tightening and smoothing facial skin. The two treatments can be performed together for more comprehensive results.

SmartLipo for Neck

When a double chin starts to appear and the contour of the neck changes due to fat deposits, SmartLipo can be a viable solution. SmartLipo is a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that melts fat deposits in order to suction them from the body easier. The heat also helps tighten the skin as it induced collagen production. The small laser fiber is threaded through the cannula, or thin suction tube, in order to accurately and effectively target the fat deposits in the neck and melt them.

Neck Lift

If the neck of the skin is significantly lax and there is apparent fat and tissue displacement, a neck lift may be necessary to provide optimal results. A neck lift is a surgical procedure where incisions are made along the jawline to excise loose skin, remove fat deposits, reposition tissue, and redrape the skin for a tighter, smoother neck contour. There are different variations of the neck lift; the technique chosen for a given case will be based on the quality of the neck skin and degree of laxity, as well as the patient’s aesthetic goals and Dr. Ptak’s expert opinion.

Your Consultation

An initial consultation with Dr. Ptak is necessary to determine if stem cell neck rejuvenation is the right procedure for a given patient. A consultation examination will be performed to assess neck skin quality and laxity. If Dr. Ptak thinks that the patient will benefit from stem cell neck rejuvenation, and individualized treatment plan will be created. This will include any necessary preparation step, any additional treatments discussed, recovery instructions, moisturizes, and potential routine sessions. The cost will be discussed at this time as well. Contact our Arizona location today to see if you qualify for stem cell neck rejuvenation.