Blu U

This light treatment is ideal for treatment of acne, creating softer clearer skin.

Who is a Candidate?

Dr. Ptak may recommend Blu U treatment for acne patients who have not had adequate results from topical or oral antibiotics. If these methods do not provide adequate control for cystic acne, scars are inevitable. Blu U can completely eliminate the infection associated with cystic acne.


Initially at least two treatments are recommended, about two weeks apart. Subsequent treatments are usually required in the future, though the procedure is quite long-lasting. For the treatment, a gel is applied to the skin 1 to 2 hours before the treatment.

A topical anesthetic may be used as well, because while the treatment is relatively non-invasive patients often report a slight stinging as the laser works over problem areas. The patient is given goggles to protect the eyes, the skin is then exposed to the laser light, which kills bacteria hidden in pores and acne cysts. The burning or stinging sensation that sometimes accompanies treatment will disappear immediately afterward.


Patients must stay out of the sun for the next 24 hours. In three to seven days the skin will turn red and there may be mild swelling, much like that of a mild sunburn, and some peeling may occur. Sunscreen and hats should be worn when outdoors for at least two weeks following the procedure.