Dr. Ptak – May 2020 Update

Jeff PtakStandard

Dear patients,

Dr. Ptak and his staff continue to observe the guidelines from Governor Doug Ducey, following reopening our office in May.  We are scheduling both in-office and outpatient surgical procedures since May with not one positive report of COVID-19 in our preoperative screening.

These guidelines, as we have now become all too aware, strongly recommend the continuation of mask wearing, social distancing and preventative measures to prevent another resurgence of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

 We ask that all patients observe the following guidelines:

  • Dr. Ptak and staff will be wearing masks and gloves and ask that all patients please enter the office wearing your own mask or scarf and wear it continuously throughout the office visit if possible.
  • We will be scheduling patients with adequate time between patients in order not to overload the facility and will do our best to stay on a time schedule. Therefore we ask that patients understand we will not have time to expand a treatment or consultation and will only address the specific issue or treatment that was scheduled.
  • We ask that no more than the patient and one other family member accompany the patient for the office visit.
  • In order to maintain appropriate distancing, and depending on the number of patients waiting in the office, it may be necessary for the additional family member to have to wait outside the office to maintain distancing in the waiting room areas.
  • We will not be taking routine temperatures of patients or family member as they enter; however, we ask that if you have any symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, or other flu-like symptoms, that you call us before your scheduled appointment or procedure and reschedule.
  • All patients who are scheduled for in-office or outpatient surgical facility procedures that require any form of sedation obtain screening COVID-19 testing through Sonora Quest, LabCorp or other labs within 7-10 days of your scheduled procedure and then self-quarantine until the day of surgery to minimize exposure. These guidelines are mandatory in every surgical facility, have been mandated by the state, and are non-negotiable. Further instructions will be provided to our patients with scheduled surgical procedures at their preoperative visits.

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and patience during this very unusual set of circumstances. We hope we will be able to return to more normal daily routines soon.

- Dr. Ptak and staff

Stay safe and have faith as this, too, will pass!

Dr. Jeffrey Ptak, M.D. F.A.C.S